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MS&A is a management consultancy. We work closely with our clients in changing organisational mind-sets in order to achieve strategic objectives. In a partnership approach we re-engineer key processes, link them to business strategies and implement business solutions.
We employ, as required, a team of outstanding people and have assisted in diverse industries such as FMCG, distribution, health care, fish industry, wine industry, frozen products, print media, industrial manufacturing, mining, transportation and utilities. We have also managed many ERP projects
The management have consulted in Southern Africa since 1991 and recruit locally and overseas to build an exceptional unit. The company is far more than the sum of its parts; the result is a team who are smart, hard working and dedicated to getting results for our clients.
Our approach to a client’s business is a holistic one. The total organisation is analysed from strategy, to organisational development, systems, processes, structures and procedures. We give our clients a thorough assessment of their existing capabilities and most importantly, where the areas for improvement lie.
We help our clients operate at the most profitable cost, increase their return on assets, improve cash flow and satisfy the needs of stakeholders. Customer service is improved, market quality requirements are met and competitive advantages are created and maintained.
In developing people, attitudes and behaviours improve, commitment and ownership is created, employees develop responsibility and learning organisations are established. Work processes are streamlined and best practices are implemented.
Our objective in undertaking an assignment is to involve and coach all parts and all levels of an organisation. We believe that how you change is as important as what you change. We set out to engineer change in attitude and in company culture. We deliver specific, measurable and sustainable results.
Our approach is to build upon the current initiatives an organisation is pursuing. We apply a customised “hands on” and “on the floor” intervention. At all times we monitor the change process and work with our clients to implement the changes and measure the results.
Our project teams promise seamless integration services according to our clients needs.
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